cake smash info

first set

The first set is usual a simple one that coordinates with your cake smash theme. This is to showcase your child and any milestones - standing, crawling etc. You can choose the backdrop from any of my backdrops on my Pinterest board or leave it up to me!


optional: family

Feel free to start the session with a quick family photo - my boho bed set is always up and ready! This is a great way to start the session if your little one is shy.


Cake Smash Set

Next we move to the cake smash set where we can do a formal photo without the cake first and then bring in the cake to let the mess begin! You choose the backdrop or ask for a custom one to be created.



I provide a l little spoon for your little to use but please bring cheerios, puffs or yogurt melts to hide in the cake in the event your child doesn't like the cake - not all do!


Bath time

We end the session with a bubble or milk bath clean up. I provide the bubbles, or milk and a fresh towel.


managing expectations

A photo session is usually a really fun experience but sometimes can be stressful for us parents - we want the session to go well...but what if it doesn't?

There are a few things you can do to prepare your self and your child in preparation for your cake smash session:

• Not all children are use to being with strangers - they might need a few minutes to warm up to me and that's ok!

• You might not get huge smiles like you do at home and it might seem like in the moment that they aren't super happy...but it really only takes a split second of a smile and that's all I need! Also, serious little faces are my favorite - embrace them! If your child isn't usually really smiling at home, they won't be in my studio either - I like to capture them as they are - their real personalities.

• Contact me the morning of the session if your child missed their morning nap or is teething or generally fussy and not themselves. I'm usually flexible and only book 1 session a day...maybe we can push the time back so you can get them down for a late nap. It rarely goes well if we go ahead as schedule and push them through an overtired and cranky state. It's much better to reschedule early then showing up with less than ideal circumstances and wasting both of our time!

• If you are planning on using new outfits for their session, PLEASE try them on your child at least two weeks before the session to make sure they fit properly so you have time to exchange sizes if need. Also, let them play (in a clean space lol) in their outfit briefly and make sure its comfortable for them and they don't get fussy in it. Can they move freely in it? Does it need to be washed and broken in first? Let them get use to new stiff shoes or skip shoes altogether if you can. Bare foot is cutest and most comfy.

• Has your child had cake before? If not get them a little cupcake from your local grocery store and give it to them to eat or play with so they are familiar come session time. If your child is not use to feeding themselves or doesn't like to be messy, this is especially helpful! Be prepared to get messy yourself as you help your child during the session, familiarize themselves with playing with and eating the cake. Show them that they can poke, smash and eat it - they might not know!

• The session is an hour long but under my discretion it may run a little quicker or longer as needed. If your child is acing their session, it may go really quick and it's up to me to know if I have enough photos of your child stuffing their face :). Alternatively, if your child is fussy and needs an extra few minutes for some cuddles or nursing then time can be extended as need.