Family Style Guide

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Here are some tips to ensure your family's outfits work with the setting and each other. I like to find colors that compliment or are similar to the setting so that you stand out, not your clothing. They should compliment you but be secondary to you!

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• Start with mom's outfit first. Find something you love and feel good in and won't need to be adjusting the whole time.

• Choose 2-3 complimentary colors that go with mom's outfit. There's no need to match colors - they only need to GO with each other.

• Only allow 1 piece of clothing to have a pattern. Colors can be pulled out of that pattern for all other clothing items.

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Do's and Don'ts


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"choose different color tones for each person. It's ok if a couple individual pieces are similar color but try and use different shades of 2-3 colors."

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