Covid-19 Form


  • Due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, I will be implementing new measures to ensure the maximum care and safety of all parties attending photography sessions.

    I will be following government guidelines for hands on/close quarters posing and safe working environments until further notice.

    Please take a moment to read the guidelines below to learn more.


    Studio Policies

    -All props, blankets, clothing, etc. will be sanitized with disinfectant before and after every session. These measures were already in place, but more detailed attention will be given to sanitizing the entire studio between sessions.

    -You will be asked to use hand santizer upon entering the studio and hand sanitizer will be readily available when you need it.

    -I will be wearing a face mask for the duration of all sessions.

    -All seating areas will be sanitized after every session.

    -Only immediate family members will be allowed to attend sessions until further notice.

    - It is recommended that if siblings are being brought to the studio, they only stay for their portion of the session; if you have no way of doing that then please have something with you to occupy them. I will not be allowing any props in the studio we are not using to be touched or played with.


    Your Part

    -Limit visitor interaction until after your scheduled appointment takes place (this is especially important for newborn sessions.) 

    -Call to cancel your appointment immediately for a later date if you have any of these symptoms: cough, fever, dizziness, loss of taste or smell, fatigue not caused by lack of sleep or breathing difficulty.

    -Please bring your own mask to wear. If parent images are included in your package, you will be able to remove the mask for that portion of the session but then must put it back on. If your children have not seen you wear a mask prior to the session, it is a good idea to wear it in the house to get them used to it.

    -If you or someone in your home has any cold symptoms such as fever, cough, or COVID related symptoms you must reschedule. If you arrive sick, the session will be canceled and rescheduled.



  • Photography Session Terms 


    I knowingly and willingly consent to a photography session with Shannon Wight, photographer and owner of Shannon Wight Photography.


    I understand that should I be diagnosed COVID-19 positive within 14 days following my session, I will contact Shannon Wight Photography to let her know of my positive diagnosis.


    I confirm that no member of my family that will be included in the session, coming to the studio, or that I have had recent exposure to is experiencing any of the following symptoms associated with COVID-19: fever, shortness of breath, dry cough, runny nose, sore throat, loss of taste or smell, fatigue not associated with sleep. If they experiencing any of the above mentioned symptoms, I will call immediately to reschedule my session.


    If I do start to show any of these symptoms within 14 days prior to my session, I will contact Shannon Wight Photography to immediately reschedule my session.


    I understand that Shannon Wight Photography has the right to cancel or reschedule any session at any point in time due to COVID-19 implemented regulations, health concerns, possible exposure, or arising symptoms of COVID-19, and is not liable for any costs accrued by the client (i.e. hair appointments, cake or clothing purchases, etc) associated with my session.


Client is hereby notified and agrees that:

  • While the State of California has eased or eliminated various COVID-19 based restrictions on businesses, the conduct and performance of the services being provided by the Studio are subject to those rules in place at the time the photography services are to be performed.

  • Based upon the scope of the social distancing restrictions in place at the time of the photography services, certain aspects of the photographer/client interaction may be altered by necessity.

  • Client and all members of Client’s party agree to abide by the social distancing measures in force at the time of their session or event. Client and members of Client’s party explicitly agree and understand that failure to adhere to such social distancing measures places them at increased risk of COVID-19 exposure or transmission.


  • Client and members of Client’s party assume all risks associated with potential COVID-19 transmission or exposure in relation to the photography services being provided and accept sole responsibility for an illness, injury, damages, claims or expense arising therefrom regardless of the identity of the person alleged to be at fault for such transmission or exposure.

  • As consideration for this waiver, Studio agrees to waive any liability or claim against Client or members of Client’s party for COVID-19 transmission or exposure.

  • Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Waivers contained in Sections 4 and 5 of this Notice and Waiver shall not be interpreted to prohibit actions or claims against persons who knowingly participate in the photography services while exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms or who knowingly participate while having an active COVID-19 infection.

Client, individually and on behalf of members of Client’s Party

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