3-9 Months

3 months is a fun milestone - your child is showing it's sweet personality, smiling and making expressions. They are learning to hold their head up and practicing tummy time - for these reasons, I keep their session shorter at 30 mins.

​Your sitter session is a big milestone - Shannon schedules these sessions for when your child is sitting without help. They are so fun and happy being able to sit up and be part of the world they see around them.

​A 9 month session is another shorter session to offer the chance at capturing another milestone age in between the sitter and cake smash session.

Valentines 6 months
6 month girl bed
mom and 3 month
6 month boy suitcase
6 month boy aviator
3 month boy pumpkin fall
6 month girl outdoors chair
3 month christmas
6 month boy
6 month strawberry picnic
3 month boy
6 month boy stuffies bed
6 month girl
6 month girl vintage suitcase
6 month boy vintage suitcase