Thrift Finds

I may be going a little crazy with props lately, but I don't think you can have too many.
It's good to have options... right?

This morning I was up early enough to hit some garage sales as they started and as a result got some great finds!
 Some props and some personal items! School chair, baby buggy, new yellow blanket, wood chair, hobnail milk glass bowl, milk glass plate, 2 vintage cameras (a brownie and something else) and a picnic basket!

 This doll buggy came with a cloth lining that was old and dirty and had lace, so I might need to make a new one for it.

 Because I don't already have enough (2 is not enough!). 
I love the green on this one and it's a small scale.

 This mid-century school chair is may favorite. I wish I had a adult size one!

This little classic chair needs a paint job - I'm thinking a bright color. Any suggestions?

Oh - and did I mention I got all of this for $40??