Mine on Monday | New backdrops!

I was so excited when I went into Joann's this week and found this bag fabric that is new and comes in different prints. It's stiffer then normal fabric and super lightweight and I immediately thought it would work great as a back drop. 2 yards was a perfect amount, it's extra wide so a 2 yard pieces is roughly 4' x 6' and there is only one crease down the middle that I'm hoping will just iron out.
It's only 2.99/yard and I used a 40% off coupon which made it the cheapest backdrop ever!

I was hoping to use my mother's day card to get her to pose for me, but she really isn't in the mood these days!

Here's the blue and white polka dot fabric:

and the grey and white chevron:

I also like the fact that it's somewhat wipe-able as it's not regular cotton fabric!