Tip Tuesday - Silhouette in Photoshop

Making silhouettes of your children is so popular right now.
I remember my mom making some of me as a little girl and making invites to some occasion out of them. I also remember having them made in grade 1 as well. 
It's just weird to think that things I did in my childhood are now "vintage". Am I that old?

 Start by taking a profile photo of your child. I had my daughter sitting on a stool watching something on the computer to keep her still and looking in the direction I wanted. Just make sure that the background is neutral enough so you can see the outline of their head.
Open it in Photoshop.

 I use the Pen tool to make the outline - if there's another way you are more comfortable with, feel free to use that. Here's a tutorial on the Pen tool.

Now that you have your outline, click on the Paths tab and then on the little arrow drop down which is on the right corner of the tab window. Then select Fill Path. Make sure your foreground color is set to black (default) first. 

 Then delete your background photo layer and you are ready to print!
To resize the silhouette, go to Image menu then Image Size and set your resolution to 300 and then the image size to fit within an 8.5 x 11 paper. Then print!

I suggest printing on cardstock as the black ink will warp the paper a bit.

I made this easy artwork out of some scrapbook paper, some ric rac and my daughter's silhouette in an Ikea frame. I hope this helps!