Mine on Monday | Ocean to Forest

Last weekend our family went to Ocean Shores (coast of Washington) and it was so pretty, I'm already missing the fine soft sand!
 We finally got Aubrey use to walking in the sand!!

 And she loved it!

 I loved the pelicans! I just wish I had my zoom lens on me when we saw them!
I wish we had this soft warm evening light in Seattle more often!

Yesterday we went to Twin Falls in the Olallie State Park just outside of Seattle. It was a mile hike up to the two waterfalls and the sites on the way were beautiful as always.

Hiking is hard with a lot of heavy camera gear, but it is worth it to have the right lenses with you!
I didn't feel like lugging too much around and only brought my 24-105mm lens which is a great multi-purpose lens and my zoom lens, but I didn't use the zoom and wish I had of brought my wide angle. The 24-105 is pretty wide but the 16-35mm lens would have been perfect.