Mine on Monday + Dear Parents
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My daughter started ballet last week and today was her 2nd class. I can't wait until the last class when us parents can sit in the class and take photos! They are so stinkin' cute!

Before class today I tried to get a few photos of her all dressed up. She wasn't quite in the mood and little sleepy and grumpy - but it was sure entertaining as always!

 This series is my favorite - from laughter to fake crying in seconds.

Now for some helpful tips for parents:

I know what it's like to have a child who is more then uncooperative at a photo shoot. 
Remember to try and create a stress-free environment 
(I'm terrible at this with my own child - I know it's hard!). 

Your child will feel your stress and act out. 
All routines are usually out the window on photo day - why is this? 
Everyone is extra tense, making sure everything is perfect, everyone is well behaved, 
all the outfits are perfect etc. etc. etc. 
While it's important to be well organized and have all these things in check, 
having fun and not putting pressure on the situation is just as important.

If things aren't working and kids are just done - no worries, 
reschedule for another day at no extra cost!
 If the session has to go a little longer because everyone just needs to 
get use to a camera being in their face - so be it! 

I hope my flexibility will put you at ease on your photo day so that 
everyone can just let loose and have fun. 
This is when genuine personalities shine through and I can capture your true relationships - 
quirks and smiles alike.

It's still cold out so I thought it would be cute to whip up these leg warmers for her. They were so quick and easy to make and super warm.