Mine on Monday

I need to take more photos of my own family - at least once a week and I hope to post them every Monday. We'll see if I remember!

I had a shoot at this beautiful park in Magnolia on Saturday and decided to take Aubrey there to take advantage of the fall colors and unusual evening glow! I also rented a lens for the weekend to try out before I buy, so this was a great opportunity to play with it!
 Magnolia Park

 She had a blast drumming and singing!

 Then we drove out to Golden Gardens to take advantage of the warm glow on the beach, but how could I forget that she HATES the sand! Even with full clothing and boots on - do these faces look familiar? Every summer we take one or two like this!

 This girl, I tell ya! She's gonna be trouble when she's older!

We played on the new playground as the sun set and then went out for dinner!