Studio Space

Since we moved to Seattle and left behind our huge sunroom with all it's space, natural light and space to hang a 12ft wide seamless paper roll from the ceiling, I've had to learn to work with small spaces.
For now I've tried to set up a space in our dining room. It has two large corner windows and as our apartment is East facing, it gets nice indirect light all day long. It's small, but is great for newborns and children. I'm trying to plan how I can still hang my paper backdrop up in the space for larger groups like families...we'll see.
 I'm glad that we had the carpet ripped up in the dining area (not so good for a toddler to eat on) and revealed this wood floor!
 my prop corner and small backdrop wall.
The smallest space of orange backdrop too!

Well, the work VISA has been applied for and is looking like it's slowly going forward. Hopefully I can start working soon!