New Year = New Website and Pricing

With this new year I've decided to review my photo packages and services. I have given this a lot of thought and one area that has concerned me over the past year is that I am losing control of the final print quality of my photographs. Up until this point I have given my clients their photos on a disc to have printed where ever they would like. While this may be convenient for some I feel that the integrity of my work is what is most important. For this reason I have changed my packages. All sessions will now include a personal consultation afterward where we will review all the pictures on a video display. I will also present you with 4x6 proofs of all the photos for you to review at home. During this consultation a 20% discount will be offered on all prints ordered at this time.

For those still wanting digital negatives, you can purchase them after the initial print order is made at an additional cost (see my website for pricing). This cost includes all the photos on disc plus a 5x7 of each photo in a keepsake album. This is for you to see the prints in person and have a reference for what the prints should look like for future printing.

I have struggled with this decision to change my packages as I want to continue to provide my clients with high quality work at prices that are competitive. I feel that the limited rate increase for this new year reflects my decision to go from disc to print, helping me to retain control over my photo's while still providing you with the service you desire.

Thank you to all my clients of 2009 and I hope to see you and your friends in 2010!