Well, this Saturday Jared and I leave Vancouver for London, where we begin a two week adventure through Europe. We start in London, then fly to Geneva Switzerland, where we'll either take a train or a ferry to Montreux. From there we take a train to Venice, were we will spend two nights and travel onto Florence and then Rome for a few days. We will then take a train to Monaco and then end up in Paris for another few days. From Paris we fly back home.
It will be a rushed, full trip, but I expect to enjoy all of it.
Don't worry, I plan to take a lot of photos, and hopefully I'll be able to figure out, and have time to post a few of them along the way from various internet cafes on our travels.
Keep checking in as I'll try to give an update on our trip as I can - photos or not!



Anonymous said…
I am not jealous, no I'm not. I look forward to seeing the pics and reading your commentary. Have fun and a safe trip.
Love Dad & Elaine