Well, it's day 4 of our trip and we are now in Montreux, Switzerland. We spent last night in Geneva, which is an hour train ride up the lake from here. It was an amazing town with very cool architecture. Montreux is just as amazing -maybe better. We are staying at the Raffles Montreux Palace Hotel - it is incredible! The most amazing place we've ever stayed at, right on Lake Geneva with a really nice view. Tomorrow we are off to Venice, where we'll be for two nights. We've found that the time we've had to spend at each place has worked out perfectly, not too short, so we're really happy. Hope you enjoy the photos and keep checking back. *Just an addition: The photos are - 1. Tower Bridge, 2. Underground (subway), 3. Street - all in London. 4, 5 & 6 are Geneva, Switzerland. 7. Sunset over Lake Geneva from our Hotel in Montreux. 8. View of Montreux from the roof top of our hotel. 9. View from our Hotel balcony and 10. Raffles Montreux Palace Hotel.


Anonymous said…
i've been waiting for you to post more! love the pics, natalie is excited to hear about the raffles hotel. can you speak french/swiss etc. yet?? how's the train? and the food? did you buy anything fun yet?
Anonymous said…
ps. you really are a VERY talented photographer!
Unknown said…
Hi Annemarie,
The Raffles is the most amazing hotel we've ever stayed in. 5 stars for sure. Don't worry Natalie, I have some shampoo for you. Our French is terrible and Jared busted out Italian to a guy the other day! I bought some clothes in Geneva and some chocolate and a cheese fondu pot.
We're off to see a castle today and then take a train to Venice. Talk to you soon.
Anonymous said…
Sounds amazing Shannon! I can't wait to go myself, you'll have to let me know the 'gotta-go-to' places. Looking forward to more pics!
Anonymous said…
World Travelers you now are. Can't wait to hear and see more.
Jared speaks Italian? Fragile
Love Dad and Elaine!!