We are now in Rome. We arrived yesterday afternoon, we saw the Pantheon, Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, Colloseum and lots of everything - old ruins of columns and huge buildings, statues and fountains. Today we saw Vatican City - Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's Basillica. Our feet are finally running out of steam, with blisters. My back is sore and Jared's pack is getting bigger and heavier every day (with all the stuff I buy) - oh well. Tomorrow, we wrap up Rome and head to Monaco which will hopefully be a relaxing stay instead of a busy, must see and do place. And then we head to Paris to do more walking and sightseeing. I still can't upload photos from here, but hopefully in Monaco we can. Take care.


Anonymous said…
This is so neat to be able to hear from you as you travel. It sounds all so wonderful.Do you pinch yourself to see if you're really there?

We're moved in now; our bedroom set up in the kitchen area. It's rather cosy.
The fellow can start work on the rest at the end of the week.

Take care of those blisters.
We love you. Mom & Dad xox
Anonymous said…
megan and i can't wait to see your pics and hear the stories. sounds like you're getting to see everything you are wanting to.
ps jared's a big boy-keep buying shannon!
Anonymous said…
i don't know what day and time it is where you are (i'm not even sure where i am!) but i wanted to wish you both a very happy anniversary-its gonna be hard to top this one! wishing you many more years and adventures together.
love, annemarie