Venice, was amazing! We got in at night as it was raining, but the next morning was much better, overcast but no rain. We did a lot of sight seeing and a lot of shopping. We spent two nights there and then today took a quick train to Florence. More rain, but it didn't stop us. We went to the museum to seet the David Statue which was amazing and then walked around the streets and bought a few more things. We'll see what we can fit in tomorrow before heading to Rome. We want to go to the Uffizzi Gallery. We've seen and done a lot and time isn't going too fast - which is nice - still a week to go! The computer here is too slow, so I don't think I can upload more photos, maybe from Rome or Monaco. Ciao


Anonymous said…
Hopefully we can see some photos later. Keep us posted.
Aeriva Deirchi
Love Dad and Elaine!!
Anonymous said…
It must be so exciting to be able to actually see so many places you've only heard of. Thank you for keeping us in touch.
We spent 2 nights at your place which worked out great for us.
Today was our last Sunday in Sidney before starting in Duncan - a very special day.
Went to Michael's talent show at the branch.He sang with a group;was good.
Enjoy your week. Love Mom & Dad xox