Hello everyone! We finally made it into London at 1pm London time on Sunday - after a really long flight and now we're running on 26 or more hours of NO sleep! But we're making ourselves adjust to London time. Tonight we're going to check out Picadilly Circus (like Times Square) and we'll leave all the big stuff to see tomorrow after a good nights sleep. Just wanted to let everyone know we're here and safe.


Anonymous said…
Glad to see you've made it safe and sound!
Anonymous said…
ok, i AM jealous! i'm living vicariously through you, so have a blast for me!
Anonymous said…
Boy, technology is wonderful! So glad to hear from you and that you arrived safe and sound.
We're sure you'll have a wonderful time.

Love you lots,
Mom & Dad xox
Anonymous said…
jared bily talent floor or seats ??? love yah nicole p.s bring me back something sweetish.

Look forward to lots of news. Enjoy! Love Dad & Elaine !!
Anonymous said…
Hope all is well with you guys. Drop a line if you can .
We will be moving our stuff tomorrow (Wed.)

Love, Mom and Dad
Anonymous said…
i've been waiting for you to post more! love the pics, natalie is excited to hear about the raffles hotel. can you speak french/swiss etc. yet?? annemarie