Phew, I need a vacation...
Last month was busy with photo sessions! The end of the month started my fist "summer" wedding of the season, which was a lovely wedding at St. Ann's Academy - beautiful couple! They're off on their honeymoon now, so you'll have to wait until they come back before I'll be posting any images on my website (if they allow me!).
Tomorrow is my next wedding, then a couple more in two weeks. Then a break until the next two in September.
I look forward to each one, how different they are and how special the day is to each couple.
Keep checking in to see updated wedding photos, as well as new family and baby photos!

We won't be taking a holiday/trip until the end of October - I can't wait. (I'm twisting Jared's arm to go back to New York, as Autumn there would be amazing...and cooler).

I'll have to dig up some New York pics from last summer and post them here.

Thanks for visiting.