Galiano Island - "The Gem of the Gulf Islands"

Last weekend we went with some friends to Galiano Island, where there was lots to do . . . and of course photograph.

Morning Bay Beach - the hot rocks would heat up the shallow water and was nice to cool off in.

At Morning Bay where Mt. Baker was the closest and clearest.

The view from the top of Mount Galiano, an hour hike to the top and worth the effort.

Looking through the tall trees at sunset, towards the light blue lagoon.

Smooth, wave-worn rocks

Pebble Bay

Around the corner from Montague Bay, at the Provincial Park.

This is the lagoon off of Montague Bay.

This is taken from the other side of the lagoon, looking southwest.

Jared wading in the ocean at Pebble Bay

A bunch of girls body surfing in the freezing water